What kind of work does a mind-body medicine practitioner do?


What kind of work does a mind-body medicine practitioner do?


Mind-body medicine can be many different things, but essentially at its core, a mind-body medicine practitioner or mind-body therapist, is looking at this holistic concept of a human being. Meaning, that whether it's something manifesting in someone's energetic body or psychologically, or physiologically, or spiritually, a mind-body therapist recognizes the interlinkage between all of those aspects and works with someone from that integrative holistic perspective.

If someone is having some chronic stomach pain, we could look at what's going on from an osteopathic perspective. But we could also be addressing, what's the experience of this? What feels symbolic? What feels connected to this? When does this manifest or show up? If we're recognizing that it shows up when they're out in public areas, and that brings up a whole slew of other components that’s related, perhaps, to attachment, relational components, or even nutritional components.

Mind-body medicine practitioners are really looking at the way someone experiences well-being and the challenges towards that well-being needs to be addressed from a very integrative holistic perspective. Meaning that everything is interrelated with everything.

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